This is Us is a television show series that was created by Dan Fogelman and airs on NBC Network. This is Us is a creative and honest show that tackles a unique family dynamic. The series follows a single family throughout their lives. At times, the show deals with problems with race, gender, and sexual orientation. However, the show focuses on a family full of difficult, amusing, delicate, and imperfect personalities as they fight to work their life out together. It has lots of humor and expectations, however there’s a sense of sadness, because it reminds the viewer oftentimes that life is temporary. “This Is Us (TV series).” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 01 Apr. 2017. Web. 03 Apr. 2017.

The emotions that I feel,while watching This is Us make me come back every week wanting more. The first episode got me hooked. While watching the main characters every week, a set of triplets who are grown up and have very different lives. One is a handsome and famous actor with the world at his feet who still doesn’t understand how to form healthy relationships with anyone including his family (Kevin). Another one is constantly battling her weight and low self esteem (Kate). The last one doesn’t feel like he fits in, partly because he is adopted and black (Randall). Through a series of ongoing flashbacks we see how the three came to be and of their struggles growing up. We also get to see the love story of their parents and how they dealt with their own struggles. I’m lost at words because I can’t explain the mushy feelings this amazing show gives me every single week. It just makes you realize that even when times are tough, you can’t get through them together with your loved ones. This show makes you think about what is really important in life. It relates a lot to today’s time and day. I sometimes wonder if I know these people, or if they are even part of my family. This is Us from time to time can leave you in tears, while at other times can have you laughing out loud. Personally, I’d give this is us a five out of five stars for its sorrowful and stunning scenes and humor. The show offers you a distinct perspective in life.

by Joann Ho Junior Staff Writer


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