The Huval-Fuselier Cajun Band is comprised of three guys, one a senior at Lafayette High and two graduates from LHS. Luke Huval, senior, plays the accordion and sings, Zach Fuselier, graduate, plays the fiddle and sings as well, and Philip Huval, graduate, plays the guitar. They have been together for around five years. They play Cajun music and a little bit of country.
“We started a band because we all had a passion for traditional Cajun music and wanted to find people with the same passion. So we came together,” said Luke Huval.
The band plays at local venues such as Festival Acadien and Festival International. They also play at The Steamboat Warehouse and The Little Big Cup. They practice together every few months , but they mainly practice individually.
Name: Luke Huval
Do you write your own music? Kind of both. Cajun is not really the kind of music you play your own stuff. The old songs are popular with older people so they know them. I like putting our own new twist to them.
How long have you been playing? I’ve been singing and playing guitar since a very young age. Six years ago I started getting into Cajun music and playing accordion. Now I’m learning the fiddle.
What made you interested in Cajun music? Well my dad has always played Cajun music and has had a group for a while. I’ve always been surrounded by it. I took lessons when I was young with a country woman. In sixth grade my dad was called to put together a group for Festival Acadien on a small stage. It was my dad, me, and some other people with the same father-son relationship from New Orleans. This was the first time I became interested.
How long do you plan on continuing the band? Who knows what the future will hold.

by Maya Chapman Editor-In-Chief


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