Festival International de Louisiane is a proving ground for many of Acadiana’s finest restaurants, food trucks, and cafés. Newcomers to the festival have many different options to satisfy their hunger while they experience and appreciate aspects of the diverse culture Louisiana has to offer. Some of these eateries include Zeus Café, Masala Indian Kitchen, Taco Sisters, and Blanchard’s BBQ. These are the only festival foods I’ve tried, but I hope to someday eat all Festival International has to offer!

    Zeus Café

Across Lafayette, Greek and Mediterranean restaurants such as Athena, Zorbas, and Zeus are known for their spiced gyro, falafel, and hummus. Zeus is no different, offering many varieties of Mediterranean food with specialties such as grape leaves and baklava. I wouldn’t go out of my way to call the food exactly authentic, but what do I know? I’m not Mediterranean and the food is tasty regardless of its authenticity.
Pick up some food from Zeus if you’re looking for a flavor rich, filling meal featuring unique taste and texture. It’s sure to knock your socks off, but beware of its addictive qualities or you’ll be coming back for more daily (despite the heartburn that will inevitably follow.)
Zeus has locations across Lafayette and Youngsville, with some smaller shops called “Zeus Express.”

    Masala Indian Kitchen

I last ate at Masala the night of last year’s prom. I entered the restaurant, only to see the beautifully adorned interior and smell the fragrant spices that filled the room. I immediately started to cry. It was a delicious sensory overload and one of the most memorable meals I’ve had in dress clothes.
For those nervous of mispronouncing food items on the menu when trying to order, don’t worry. The service was extremely nice and understanding. They’re willing to help customers learn, and if you’re making an effort to get it right, they’ll appreciate it.
Masala offers a variety of meat, seafood, vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten free dishes for all of you out there with allergies, intolerances, or diet plans.
I would definitely recommend dining in to get the full Masala experience, but you can order in on the greatest invention/app of the 21st century, Waitr. The restaurant is located at 2208 Kaliste Saloom Rd Lafayette, LA.

    Taco Sisters

Taco Sisters is a unique and vibrant establishment with a great presence in the Lafayette area. They serve delicious and smoky tacos that put Taco Bell’s “food” to shame. The tacos are made-to-order and extremely customizable for any craving.
Even though the food is great, it’s really the amazing atmosphere that makes the Taco Sisters experience complete. Either you’re dining in at one of their two eye-catching yellow-walled locations, or you’re eating tacos at an outdoor event or concert thanks to their famous food truck.
Their 1957 Air Stream silver-bullet food truck can also be seen serving delicious food at any given local event. The truck can be hired to cater your events, and you can see a calendar of its upcoming appearances on the Taco Sisters website. Permanent locations include 407 Johnston St. and 3902 Johnston St. Lafayette, LA.

    Blanchard’s BBQ

BBQ would be low on the list of foods one would expect to try when sampling the many tastes that Louisiana has to offer, but Blanchard’s BBQ is an exception. It’s another food truck that is ingrained in the festival atmosphere as much as the music. If you’ve been to an outdoor concert or festival with an empty stomach, you’ve probably eaten Blanchard’s. The sweet and savory sandwiches that Blanchard’s offers is juicy and delicious. The giant sandwiches are topped with red onions and sometimes require a fork to eat.
If you want a mouth-watering dose of rich BBQ flavor, seek out Blanchard’s like a tasty needle in the tasty haystack that is Festival International de Louisiane.

by Cole Broussard Copy Editor



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