Spring Break is always a highlight of the school year because it provides enough time for students to go out and do things they wouldn’t be able to while school is in session. Some people enjoy going on a vacation, some like hanging out with their friends, and others just want to get some sleep.
Clairissa and McKayla Ellinger, seniors, are going to visit Hot Springs, Arkansas. Once there, they will be visiting the hot springs after which the city was named. They are also looking forward to hiking while they are there. The day that they return is prom, so they are getting ready for it before the break starts.
Taylor Lejeune, sophomore, is also travelling to the beach with her family. Lejeune will be in Alabama the whole week of Spring Break.
“I’m excited to get a break from school and just relax for a week. I also just enjoy being by the water so that will be really nice too.”
Rayon Singleton, senior, is going to be visiting with her family for the whole week of the break.
“It’ll be about thirty people total,” Singleton says. “They’re spread between California, Chicago, and Louisiana, and we aren’t sure yet where we’re going to meet up. I usually only get to see some of these people during Christmas, so it’ll be really nice to get to be with them over the break.
Some students are looking forward to just having fun locally, such as Ana Maynor. Maynor will be spending most of her break with her friends at Skate Zone. Maynor will also be shopping for a dress for prom, which she is excited to do as well. She will also try to rest up during the break so the she can be ready for the final stretch before summer.
Lauren Domangue, senior, was planning on visiting Tennessee, so she can meet the family of her mother’s fiance. However, due to complications she will have to go at a later date. Now Domangue will fill her time by writing essays and filling out applications for scholarships.
Then there are some students who would rather lay low for the break, such as Jada Washington. Washington will be studying for her AP Chemistry and Biology exams. She will also be preparing for prom by visiting the gym and getting some last minute jewelry. When Washington will have downtime, she looks forward to catching up on sleep.

by John Roman Senior Staff Writer


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