Junior Mondo Duplantis is currently ranked number 1 in the world for pole vaulting. On April 1, he broke the World Record, State Record, Texas Stadium Record, National High School Record, and School Record in pole vaulting with a vault of 19 feet 4 ½ inches at the 90th Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays.
“He’s very humble and is handling all the media height and tension very well,” said Coach Baillargeon, LHS track coach.
Duplantis has a lot of plans for his future, which include attending college, hopefully becoming a track coach, or doing something that involves track in his future career. For now, however, his main goal is to compete in the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in London August 4-13. He will compete against other track stars known for their pole-vaulting skills.
“I had a pole vault setup in my backyard since I was a baby so obviously I was going to try it,” said the younger Duplantis. Coming from a family of track athletes, Duplantis knew he was going to be a pole vaulter no matter what. Both of his parents participated in track at LSU, with his father, Greg Duplantis, becoming a professional pole vaulter after college. He has now become Mondo’s coach.

by Gabby Perrin Junior Staff Writer


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