The LHS tennis team recently finished competing in district, winning more games than they lost. Their final game was on April 3, with the boys winning 3-2 and the girls losing 2-3. In this match, Saket Gunda, Dev Banga, Sophia Handley, and Leila Kataria won their singles matches.

“It’s been a tough season but the team has really developed,” Mrs. McLemore, sponsor of the tennis team said. “They really want to get better, and because of that we’ve seen a lot of improvement in how they play. We’re really trying to win everything because it’s my final year here I’m very happy I was able to join this program because these are students who I’d never meet otherwise. I’m very grateful to be able to meet these people.”

The team will be going to regionals over spring break, and if they win that they will move on to state. For singles, they will have their number one girls singles Sophia Handley, and number one boys singles Saket Gunda.

“I think the team has been doing well, especially considering the fact that over half the team has never even played tennis before,” Sanaa Alam. “Whenever the team is together, there’s always a fun environment. Everyone is so supportive and friendly; I really appreciate that. I think that we’ve accomplished some big wins this season, and we’ll be able to go far in regionals later this month.”

The tennis team also played a game against Comeaux. Sophia Handley won her singles match, and Maddie Weir and Sanaa Alam won number one doubles match, bringing the girls to win 4-1. For the boys, number one singles Saket Gunda and number two singles David Stanley both won their games as well. However the boys team overall fell 2-3.

David Stanley both won their games as well. However the boys team overall fell 2-3.

by John Roman Senior Staff Writer


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